Old Dog Racing started it’s humble beginnings several years ago…motorsports enthusiasm is contagious, and what started out, as a couple of friends and partners simply enjoying the thrill of HPDE (high performance driving education), a couple of weekends a year… quickly grew into full-on, wheel to wheel racing, 30+ weekends a year and competing on an amateur national level. After many wins, podiums and annual championships…other competitors started taking notice and wanted to become part of what Team ODR has evolved into…A serious group, who understand the desire to win/improve, but also continue to share in the excitement and fun of being at the track with family and friends.

Thanks to Mazda, SCCA and NASA…SM (Spec Miata) has become “the” quinisessional choice for amateur racing…like the ad says…”on any given weekend…more people are racing Mazda’s, than any other car”

The level of talent and depth of field (car count) has made SM, one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences for most who compete!

Team ODR specializes in all things Miata…we have expert, knowledgeable management, coaching/mentoring, car/driver development, trade partners and service technicians to help you with any, and all of your motorsports needs. We provide everything from “turnkey” builds, to race-prep and affordable trackside support. We can scale our efforts to meet your needs and affordability. And above all…provide an atmosphere that focuses on improvement, but still aims to keep it fun.