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As one of the most trusted leaders in the industry, we offer endless career possibilities. With a focus on people development, every ArkTech360 employee has the opportunity for professional and personal growth.

What truly makes us stand out are our remarkable employees. From Tech Support Specialist, Account Executives and Audio Video Techs to technology experts and knowledgeable business professionals – all our employees share a great ambition and an anything-­is-possible attitude. Not to mention an excellent eye for detail. It’s thanks to them that we have grown, And we are continuing to grow…

Downloadable Forms

Application for Employment 2015

please fill out completely and clearly. please provide references. 


As required by U. S. Citizenship and Immigration services, all new employees must complete a Form I-9 and present the proper identification to HR no later than the FIRST DAY of employment.
The new employee must present one unexpired form of identification from either:
– List A of “List of Acceptable Documents” OR
– A combination of one selection from List B and one selection from List C. 
Please refer to the “Lists of Acceptable Documents” on page 9 of the Form I-9.

 Federal Tax Form W-4-2015

New faculty, classified, unclassified and adjuncts should complete this form upon hire. Exisiting employees who wish to make changes to their state tax withholdings should complete this form and turn it into the Office of Human Resource Management.

Federal Tax Form W-9-2015